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Common Use Scenarios

Discover some of the ways you can use ultra-secure distributed storage with Ionburst Cloud.

When to use Ionburst Cloud

Ionburst Cloud is intentionally built with a minimal feature set that focuses on privacy and security. Ionburst Cloud eliminates the overhead of managing, monitoring and configuring Cloud storage by providing always-on and in-built data protection. The following lists summarize some of the ways the flagship services can be used:

Simple Secure Sovereign Scalable Storage Service (S6)

  • Secure cloud storage - Automatic data protection, misconfiguration prevention and data privacy compliance by default.
  • Secure backup - Protect backup and archive data with no risk of exposure.
  • Secure application storage - Simplify infrastructure and storage requirements for applications and services handling confidential data.
  • Secure migration - Migrate sensitive on-premises and existing Cloud data to Ionburst Cloud.

No Key Vault (NKV)

  • Secrets storage and retrieval - Centrally store, access, and distribute secrets like database credentials, API keys, and other secrets throughout their lifecycle.
  • CI/CD secrets access - Simplify secrets access for your CI/CD pipelines with our NKV clients.
  • Securely manage shared access - NKV client applications allow engineering teams to securely share access to credentials, tokens and configuration items.