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Creating Resources

Create your first party and API credentials to start securely building on Ionburst Cloud.

Create a Party


The outlined steps map to the create a party activity on the portal.

Step one - Select product

To create a new party, navigate to 'Create a party' on the sidebar, then select your subscribed product from the dropdown list.

Ionburst Cloud Select Product

  • If you are an Ionburst Cloud subscriber, this will be labelled Ionburst Cloud.
  • If you are an Ionburst Cloud Monthly subscriber, this will be labelled Ionburst Cloud Monthly.

Step two - Name party

After selecting the desired product, it's time to create a party. Enter your chosen party name and continue by selecting 'Create party'.

Ionburst Cloud Create Party

Next, to start securely storing data or secrets within your created party we need to generate a set of API credentials.

Generate API Credentials

Step three - Create credentials

Please review your newly created party, then select 'Generate credentials' to continue.

Ionburst Cloud Generate API Credentials

Step four - Copy credentials

Finally, copy and save the generated credentials, as they will only be displayed once.

We recommend you keep these details private, and do not share them under any circumstances.

Ionburst Cloud Copy Credentials

Finishing Up 🎉

Congratulations, you are now ready to start using the Ionburst Cloud API! 🎊

Find out more about how you can integrate with our API and SDKs.