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· 2 min read
Sophie Lanc

Can you keep a secret? You can now with NKV 🤫

Today we’re launching NKV (No Key Vault), Ionburst Cloud's ultra-secure managed secrets store.

We have created NKV to help you protect the sensitive credentials, tokens and configuration items needed to access your applications and services, in a compliant and cost effective manner.

NKV comes with in-built encryption and removes the overhead of complex key management, allowing developers to secure secrets across their lifecycle, through a single API.

NKV's automatic cryptographic and distribution management protects secrets stored against disaster recovery scenarios. This introduces a highly available and scalable secrets store that protects your first secret as efficiently as your last.

NKV support is already available for each of our client SDKs, ioncli and IonFS CLI:

Available Now

The NKV service is now available on the Ionburst Cloud (Dublin) and the Ionburst Cloud (London) listings. We've updated our Free Tier, so you can try out NKV alongside our storage service, S6. Thereafter, secrets are priced at $0.01 per PUT/GET transaction.

For more information on getting started and to create your free account, please visit the Ionburst Cloud docs.