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No Key Vault (NKV)

Learn more about Ionburst Cloud's secure secrets storage service, NKV.


IBC NKV is a secrets storage service designed to centrally and securely store, access, and distribute passwords, secrets, and API keys:

  • Designed to centrally and securely store, access, and distribute secrets.
  • In-built encryption and key management, allowing developers to interact with a single API to securely store secrets.
  • Automatic cryptographic and distribution management protects secrets stored against disaster recovery scenarios.
  • A highly available and scalable secrets store that protects your first secret as efficiently as your last.
  • Pay as you go pricing, only pay for what you protect.

Common use scenarios

Ionburst Cloud NKV is intentionally built with a minimal feature set that focuses on privacy and security, eliminating the overhead of managing, monitoring and configuring Cloud secrets storage by providing always-on and in-built data protection. The following summarises some of the ways NKV can be used:

  • Secrets storage and retrieval - Centrally store, access, and distribute secrets like database credentials, API keys, and other secrets throughout their lifecycle.
  • CI/CD secrets access - Simplify secrets access for your CI/CD pipelines with our NKV clients.
  • Securely manage shared access - NKV client applications allow engineering teams to securely share access to credentials, tokens and configuration items.