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Simple Secure Sovereign Scalable Storage Service (S6)

Learn more about Ionburst Cloud's secure object storage service, S6.


IBC S6 is cloud object storage designed to hold any data you wouldn't want posted on the Internet:

  • Storage designed to hold any data you wouldn't want posted on the Internet.
  • Data cannot be exposed publicly or accessed by unauthorised and unauthenticated parties.
  • Unmatched data security, privacy and resilience capabilities.
  • GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA readily compliant storage.
  • Instant privacy compliance with data sovereignty and security requirements, globally.
  • Retrieve your data on-demand anytime you need it. Say goodbye to single point of failure, ransomware, data breaches, leaks, loss, bitrot or downtime.

Common use scenarios

Ionburst Cloud S6 is intentionally built with a minimal feature set that focuses on privacy and security, eliminating the overhead of managing, monitoring and configuring Cloud object storage by providing always-on and in-built data protection. The following summarises some of the ways S6 can be used:

  • Secure cloud storage - Automatic data protection, misconfiguration prevention and data privacy compliance by default.
  • Secure backup - Protect backup and archive data with no risk of exposure.
  • Secure application storage - Simplify infrastructure and storage requirements for applications and services handling confidential data.
  • Secure migration - Migrate sensitive on-premises and existing Cloud data to Ionburst Cloud.