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Configure for Data (S6)

Learn how to configure ioncli to securely store data with S6.

Summary overview

ioncli requires a profile configured in the Ionburst credentials file, a well-known directory in the user's home folder.

  • On MacOS/Linux, this file is located at ~/.ionburst/credentials, and
  • on Windows, it is located at %USERPROFILE%\.ionburst\credentials.

An example of the final credentials file should look similar to this. In this example, the credentials profile we will create is called ioncli-example, and the profile is configured to use the Ionburst Cloud eu-west-1 region.


ioncli S6 Setup

Creating the credentials file

Open a new terminal.

Next, we need to create the .ionburst directory:

mkdir ~/.ionburst

The credentials file can then be created within this directory:

touch ~/.ionburst/credentials

You can now verify this with the following:

ls ~/.ionburst/credentials

On verifying, the output should look similar to this:

[hello@ioncli-example ~]$ ls ~/.ionburst/credentials

Add a profile to the credentials file

To create a new profile in the Ionburst credentials file, the following can be used:

echo "[ioncli-example]" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
echo "ionburst_id=IBGCFRFEUJ2TDEXAMPLE" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
echo "ionburst_key=bG9va211bWknbWFiYXNlNjRlbmNvZGVkc3RyaW5n" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
echo "ionburst_uri=" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials

This will add a profile ioncli-example to the credentials file. Please ensure the >> operator is used to avoid overwriting any existing contents in the credentials file.

The file contents can be verified with the following:

cat ~/.ionburst/credentials

An example output should look similar to:

[hello@ioncli-example ~]$ echo "[ioncli-example]" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
[hello@ioncli-example ~]$ echo "ionburst_id=IBGCFRFEUJ2TDEXAMPLE" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
[hello@ioncli-example ~]$ echo "ionburst_key=bG9va211bWknbWFiYXNlNjRlbmNvZGVkc3RyaW5n" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
[hello@ioncli-example ~]$ echo "ionburst_uri=" >> ~/.ionburst/credentials
[hello@ioncli-example ~]$ cat ~/.ionburst/credentials