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IonFS CLI Introduction

Useful client-side features for data and secrets on Ionburst Cloud.


The IonFS Command Line Interface provides a set of tools to manage data and secrets stored by Ionburst Cloud S6 and NKV as if it were a remote filesystem. While IonFS stores primary data items; objects, files and secrets, within S6 and NKV, the metadata is stored in an S3 bucket, MongoDB database or local filesystem. Anyone that has been granted access to this repository, and the appropriate Ionburst Cloud credentials, can interact with the stored data.

GitHub Repository

The GitHub repository for the IonFS project is available here.


Learn how to install IonFS on Windows, Mac and Linux here.


Learn how to setup your IonFS metadata repository here.


Learn how to configure your IonFS client, and start securely storing your data here.


Learn how to get started with the IonFS CLI here.