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Support Services Policy

Unless otherwise defined, capitalised words and expressions have the same meaning as set out in the Software Licence Agreement entered into between you (or the entity for which you are acting) as the Customer and Ionburst as the Supplier.

This Support Services Policy details Ionburst’s policy for providing support in relation to the Services

The Supplier may modify the terms and conditions of this Support Services Policy from time to time by posting such amended Support Services Policy to the Supplier’s site; but will provide sixty (60) days advance notice to the Customer before materially reducing the benefits offered to the Customer under this Support Services Policy.

1. Definitions

  • Basic Support: means the support level as set out in Section 2.
  • Issue: means a failure of the “Services” to substantially conform to the functional specifications set forth in the Documentation.
  • Online Collaboration Tool: the online tool (GitLab) used by the Supplier to host open-source components related to the Services and track software bugs and issues.
  • Response Time: means the time period in which the assigned support resource (or support system) shall provide Customer with an initial technical response as a result of an Issue reported by Customer.
  • Support: means the support services to be provided by the Supplier to the Customer in accordance with this Agreement.

Support Level: means the level of Support (Basic Support) provided to the Customer.

2. Basic Support

2.1 Basic Support.

Basic Support includes the program features that the Supplier makes generally available to its Services customer base during the Subscription Term as follows:

2.2 Support Defined.

Support consists of assistance provided to Customers via email or the Internet with respect to use of the Services and to resolve Issues. Support cases are tracked and managed via email or the Online Collaboration Tool (via “Issues”) by the Supplier. Basic Support is available each Business Day during the Supplier’s Normal Business Hours.

2.3 Severity Classification and Response Time Goals.

Issues are classified by the Supplier according to severity of impact on the use of the Services, according to the chart below. All disputes regarding severity classification will be resolved by the Supplier in its sole discretion.

Basic Support Response Time Goals

1Production Services are down, impacting all applications and associated business systems.4 Normal Business Hours (via email or the Online Collaboration tool.)
2Production Services performance is degraded, but operational; Issue affects essential functions; or Issue is blocking critical systems tests or deliverables.1 Business Day
3General product questions relating to development, feature issues, or Documentation.2 Business Days